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Power User

Last updated: June 5, 2018

What Does Power User Mean?

A power user is an individual that operates a computer or device with advanced skills, knowledge, experience and capabilities. A power user has the ability to reap multiple benefits and functionalities of a computer, software application or the Internet.

A power user is also known as a super user.


Techopedia Explains Power User

A power user is an end user expert in a specific computing domain. He or she typically has a more advanced grasp of using and/or operating standard computers or software than regular users. For example, a power user of a word processing application may sift through different application components quickly by using keyboard shortcut keys, rather than using a mouse to scroll through menus.

Power users are popularly known for owning and using high-end computers with sophisticated applications and service suites. For example, software developers, graphic designers, animators and audio mixers require advanced computer hardware and software applications for routine processes.



Super User

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