Bag On The Side

Last updated: February 2, 2017

What Does Bag On The Side Mean?

In IT, “bag on the side” is a term for extensions or expansions to a project that add functionality. Putting a bag on the side, or hanging a bag on the side, means that someone is taking an existing application or product, and tacking on some sort of feature to broaden or enhance its use.


Techopedia Explains Bag On The Side

In most uses, bag on the side is seen as a derogatory term. It implies that developers and engineers are just slapping extra functionality onto something, as opposed to cleverly integrating that add-on. It may also imply that the original application or product was not designed well, that it was over-extended, or that it needs to have more integrated design. For instance, someone might be talking about a piece of middleware that needs to be connected to an additional data center component. If that person says “don't just hang the bag on the side of this program,” they would generally be advocating for a redesign of the middleware, that encompasses the scope of the functionality that clients want, not just a piecemeal approach to make something work in the short-term.


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