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Bell Labs

What Does Bell Labs Mean?

Bell Labs is a modern incarnation of AT&T Bell Laboratories that provides research and development in the telecom industry and beyond.


Techopedia Explains Bell Labs

Bell Labs has been responsible for the development of object oriented programming language like 'C suite’ languages, as well as the UNIX operating system, various kinds of lasers, and other fundamental advances in IT over the last few decades.

As an offshoot of AT&T, Bell Labs enjoys a rich heritage going back to the days of Alexander Graham Bell and the original development of the land line telephone system.

Based out of New Jersey, Bell Labs has changed its logo and operating plans throughout the decades while working on any number of technical projects related to communications and other types of forward movement in IT.

One example is the engineering of the C++ programming language by renowned pioneer Bjorne Stroustrup in the 1980s, in conjunction with the Bell Labs "C" language.


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