What Does BiCapitalization Mean?

BiCapitalization is the
practice of capitalizing every other letter in a text message, or capitalizing
certain letters for emphasis. This technique can make text look strange and
less readable, but has been popular in certain kinds of digital venues for
various purposes.


BiCapitalization is also known as InterCaps.

Techopedia Explains BiCapitalization

One of the prevailing reasons for bicapitalization is related to marketing, but another reason to use bicapitalization is to try to make text look interesting – examples of this pop up everywhere from Facebook-posted blog entries to instant text messages sent between individual users.

In addition, it is easy to find online questions and documentation of programs that were written in order to spit out bicapitalized text. For example, “hello world” becomes “HeLlO wOrLd” or “hElLo WoRlD” depending on capitalizing sequence.


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