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Be Right Back

What Does Be Right Back Mean?

“Be right back,” often abbreviated BRB, is a phrase that means that an internet users expects to be away from his or her keyboard for a short time. It is often used as a way to express politeness, so that other users do not wonder why a person is not saying anything for a while.


Techopedia Explains Be Right Back

“Be right back,” or BRB, is bit of internet slang that means the user expects to be away from the keyboard for a short time, typically only a few minutes.

It is most commonly seen in forms of real-time internet communication, such as Internet Relay Chat or instant messaging. It is rarely used for email, as there is not any assumption that a user is talking in real time to a sender. The term is typically used as a form of politeness in case the other people in a conversation wonder why there has been a gap in a conversation.

Many instant messaging clients also have the ability for users to set their status to “away,” with a visual cue showing that the user is away and cannot be expected to respond immediately to messages.


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