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Bug Fix

What Does Bug Fix Mean?

A bug fix is a change to a system or product designed to handle a programming bug/glitch. Many different types of programming bugs that create errors with system implementation may require specific bug fixes that are successfully resolved by a development or other IT team.


A bug fix is also known as a program temporary fix (PTF).

Techopedia Explains Bug Fix

Bug fixes also may be used in specific company protocols for identifying and fixing bugs. For example, IBM inform development teams about bugs through an authorized program analysis report (APAR). The bug fix is issued when the bug has been fixed and represents an effective resolution to the problem.

One of the most common applications of bug fixes is a technical protocol that is used to identify various types of bugs, so they may be effectively resolved. The type of system used in many organizations is known as an “open ticket” system, where a bug is identified with a certain number, and a record is “opened” on that particular bug.

Accurate documentation requires filing any changes or events that relate to the open ticket until it is eventually resolved with a bug fix. Such record keeping helps keep technology companies from becoming mired in technical issues that can plague a product or system during its journey from early development to eventual release.


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