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Buzzword Quotient

What Does Buzzword Quotient Mean?

Buzzword quotient (BWQ) is a slang term that refers to a speech, product description, marketing release or other type of promotional content that is overloaded with current tech jargon. It is a disparaging reference to a marketing department’s tendency to fit as many buzzwords into a sentence as possible. Often, the definition of these words and their relationship with the product is vague or meaningless.


Techopedia Explains Buzzword Quotient

The technology sector is rife with buzzwords, so the buzzword quotient in descriptions and marketing material is very high. New terms are coined every day, but even some terms that have been in use for a long time are not well understood. If a marketing package says something like, “This enterprise class, cloud-compatible business intelligence data warehousing solution will scale up your organization’s resource utilization, while providing social media engagement and deep analytics on cross-platform big data,” it means the marketing department has hit (and exceeded) the buzzword quotient.


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