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C1 Security

What Does C1 Security Mean?

C1 security is a security rating for evaluating the security of computer products to be used by or within government and military organizations and institutes. It was created by the U.S. National Computer Security Center (NCSC) and is part of the Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (TESC) (or "Orange Book"), Department of Defense (DoD) standard 5200.28-STD.


Techopedia Explains C1 Security

C1 security was initially the part of the Orange Book that included various levels of ratings devised specifically for all types of computer products. C1 security requires that any computer system must have a user authentication and login system to gain access to data. This can be a simple user ID and password, which can be shared between multiple users. It is also referred to as a discretionary security protection process, where the administrators can decide who to provide access to.


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