John Draper

What Does John Draper Mean?

John Draper is a famous phone phreaker and programmer. Draper first came to prominence as a proficient phone phreaker, earning his Captain Crunch moniker from his use of a Cap’n Crunch Bosun whistle to fool the phone systems. He later built blue boxes to mimic the tones used by phone systems. An article about his activities brought him to the attention of Steve Wozniak and eventually Steve Jobs. Draper also did programming work for Apple, including writing the first word processor for the Apple II, which was called the EasyWriter.


Techopedia Explains John Draper

Draper has become a legendary figure in Silicon Valley lore. He started out as a pirate radio enthusiast, moved on to phreaking and then computers. He also spent some time in jail, among all his other activities. He belonged to the Homebrew Computer Club, which furnished Silicon Valley with many technical entrepreneurs. Draper remains an active programmer and entrepreneur. However, he never reached the levels of financial success of many of his compatriots.


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