Application Log

What Does Application Log Mean?

An application log is a file of events that are logged by a software application. It contains errors, informational events and warnings. The format and content of an application log are determined by the developer of the software program, rather than the OS.


An application log may also be referred to as an application log file.

Techopedia Explains Application Log

An application normally contains code to write various types of events to an application log file. The log file can reveal message flow issues and application problems. It can also contain information about user and system actions that have occurred. Logged events typically include the following:

  • Warnings about low disk space
  • An operation that has been carried out
  • Any significant problems – known as an error events – that prevent the application from starting
  • A success audit to indicate a security event such as a successful logon
  • A failure audit to indicate an event such as a logon failure

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