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What Does CBASIC Mean?

CBASIC is a compiled programming language written in the
1970s that is founded on the original Beginner’s All-Purpose Symbolic
Instruction Code (BASIC) general-purpose language designed in the 1960s.


Techopedia Explains CBASIC

Like BASIC, CBASIC is linear, with code commands that are
sequenced according to numerical labels. Like BASIC, it has variables and
operators that determine code output. Like these other languages, it also works
on the basis of user inputs, display or print outputs, and basic command
elements such as “for” and “if” that guide the computer logically through a
particular program. Essentially, CBASIC represented just one of several “flavors”
of basic computer programming language. It became popular on some of the
Commodore machines and other models of the mid-1980s in its use on the Control
Program/Monitor (CP/M) operating system.


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Margaret Rouse
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