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Code Management

What Does Code Management Mean?

Code management in the process of handling changes to computer code. As opposed to general project management, code management deals in the precise management of code modules or collections of lines of code in order to support changes or particular goals such as maintenance or debugging.


Code management is sometimes called source code management when handling code involves looking behind an interface to the actual programming that is hidden beneath it.

Techopedia Explains Code Management

Developers and others can use code management to more effectively change code, or to more effectively understand changes that have been made. Code management also contemplates issues like debugging or bug fixes.

Aspects of code management are sometimes referred to as version control or revision control. This kind of management has to do with handling sequences of successive code designs that represent changes to a programming project over time. For example, suppose that a development team starts out with a simple program called Walnut, followed by a few updates and a resulting revision called Walnut version 2. As features and changes are added, developers present Walnut version 3 and version 4. Version control tools help to work with all of these different instances of a program for comparison and other precise uses.


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