Commodore 128

What Does Commodore 128 Mean?

The Commodore 128, released in 1985, was the last 8-bit
computer of the Commodore line, after which, the company
focused on IBM-type machines and other designs. The Commodore 128 had 128k of
RAM, and a Zilog Z80 CPU enabling the machine to run in a separate mode with a
Control Program/Monitor or CP/M operating system.


Techopedia Explains Commodore 128

The Commodore 128 was pursued by Commodore to increase compatibility
and versatility, in the aftermath of the departure of Jack Tramiel for Atari
months earlier. The Commodore had to compete with the Atari ST line. To that
end, under lead engineer Bill Herd, Commodore produced something that was more versatile
and capable than the original 64, and more stylish as well. The Commodore 128
was succeeded by various 16/32 Amiga designs.


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