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What Does User State Migration Tools Mean?

User State Migration Tools (USMT) is a scriptable command-line tool for advanced users which is able to provide customizable user-profile migration, to transfer settings and files between PCs. Because USMT is lightweight and highly customizable, it is able to support a high volume and automate transfer and deployment of settings and files between networked PCs. Usually this is from an older version of Windows into a newer one.


Techopedia Explains User State Migration Tools

User State Migration Tools (USMT) is an application intended for use by Microsoft Operating Systems Administrators who perform large-scale automated deployments and transfers of user states from previous operating systems and hardware into new and separate Windows Operating Systems and hardware. USMT is not required when upgrading the OS in the same hardware since all data and user states are retained, unless it is a clean install. For small-scale user-level and individually customized migrations and deployments, Windows Easy Transfer can be used instead.

USMT was introduced in Windows 98 as USMT 2, while the current version, USMT 5, is available with the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK). USMT is able to transfer:

  • Selected user accounts
  • Files and folders
  • Settings, contacts and locally saved email messages
  • Multimedia files such as videos, music and pictures
  • Windows OS settings
  • Program and data files and settings
  • Internet and networking settings

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