What Does Crudware Mean?

Crudware is a type of freeware and software marketing tactic in which large quantities of beta, trial, freeware or limited software versions are freely distributed or promoted on websites, social networks and related online communities. Crudware is used to lure and motivate prospective customers into purchasing a complete or paid version of software, or even malware.


Techopedia Explains Crudware

Because crudware is used to trick a user into installing software, it is often criticized as malware or useless software. Typically, crudware is highly publicized or promoted through the Internet via online communities and discussion forums, where a user may write blog posts, share catchy signatures, post advertisements or participate in other attention seeking activities. Once a crudware application is executed and installed, a user is forced into buying the complete version to access application features.

Crudware also may be distributed at events or gatherings to promote one or more new software products.


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