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Data Model

What Does Data Model Mean?

A data model refers to the logical inter-relationships and data flow between different data elements involved in the information world. It also documents the way data is stored and retrieved. Data models facilitate communication business and technical development by accurately representing the requirements of the information system and by designing the responses needed for those requirements. Data models help represent what data is required and what format is to be used for different business processes.


Techopedia Explains Data Model

A data model can be concrete or abstract. It has the following main components:

  • Data types
  • Data items
  • Data sources
  • Event sources
  • Links

Data models are represented by the data modeling notation, which is often presented in the graphical format. Their main focus is to support and aid information systems by showing the format and definition of the different data involved. They also help prevent data redundancy. Information stored in data models is of great significance for businesses because it dictates the relationships between database tables, foreign keys and the events involved.

The three basic styles of data model are:

  • Conceptual data models
  • Physical data models
  • Logical data models

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