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What Does DataStage Mean?

DataStage (DS) is an ETL tool that can extract data, transform it, apply business principles and then load it to any specific target. It is a part of IBM’s Information Platforms Solutions suite and also that of InfoSphere. DataStage makes use of graphical notations for constructing data integration solutions. It can integrate all types of data, which includes big data at rest or in motion, and on platforms that may be distributed or mainframe in nature.


DataStage is also known as IBM InfoSphere DataStage.

Techopedia Explains DataStage

DataStage can primarily be classified into two separate things: an ETL tool, and secondly, as an ETL designing and monitoring tool. For the first, it resides on the server and links up with data sources. It then targets and processes the data in the application. As such, DataStage jobs, as they are called, can carry out its workings on a single server or multiple machines in clusters or grids. For the second part, DataStage also offers a set of graphical tools based on Windows. This can be used for designing ETL processes, managing the metadata associated with them and further, monitoring ETL processes.

DataStage is available in several versions, including Enterprise Edition, Server Edition and MVS Edition.


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