Deterministic Automaton

What Does Deterministic Automaton Mean?

A deterministic automaton is a computer science concept where transition results are determined by the input, and no random arbitration occurs. In a deterministic automaton, there are a set of states, a set of inputs, and a function that brings the result to the next state.


Techopedia Explains Deterministic Automaton

Experts point out that a deterministic finite algorithm or finite-state machine is an excellent example of a deterministic automaton using state diagrams to show how the term "deterministic" describes a program that always proceeds to the same result from the same original inputs.

An IT pro might call this a “state program” or refer to it in another way. One example would be a machine that accepts certain countable stimuli to produce a response. As the inputs add up, the deterministic automaton works to calculate and produce results based on its programming.


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