Direct Connection

What Does Direct Connection Mean?

A direct connection is a situation in which one computer is directly linked
to another computer by a cable instead of a network. This might be using a
crossover cable instead of going through an Ethernet switch. This kind of
connection is typically faster than using a network. The two computers can transfer
data through this method.


Techopedia Explains Direct Connection

A direct connection connects two computers together. The actual method of connection can vary. It could be using a serial null modem cable, an Ethernet crossover cable or even a Wi-Fi direct connection. The thing they have in common is that two computers are connected directly without having to go through a switch or a hub.

The main advantage is that this kind of networking is extremely simple to set up. All a user needs to connect the computers is a cable, if a wired connection is being used. Once connected, the computers can share files and even play multiplayer games over this ad hoc connection.


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