D-Shell Connector

What Does D-Shell Connector Mean?

A D-shell connector is mainly used in video connections. Its name comes from its shape, as it is roughly shaped like the letter D, and it finds various applications in RS-232 serial


A D-shell connector is also known as a D-subminiature
connector or a D-sub connector.

Techopedia Explains D-Shell Connector

There are various types of D-shell connectors available
in the market today. They differ on the basis of termination, packaging, style
and orientation, position and material. They are generally made of plastic,
copper alloy and full metal.

One of the most widely used types of D-shell connectors is the DE-15, which is used for VGA video connections. Apart from video communication, D-shell connectors
are used in various other applications such as computer game controllers, disk drives, printer cables, and so on.


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