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Dynamic Database Management System (Dynamic DBMS)

Last updated: October 27, 2012

What Does Dynamic Database Management System (Dynamic DBMS) Mean?

A dynamic database management system (dynamic DBMS) is a database in which objects have a value-based relationship, which is specified at retrieval time. In a dynamic DBMS, the locations of logical file databases and relational data based are value-based.

has value based relationship where relationship is specified at retrieval time and locations of related records are discovered during retrieval.


Techopedia Explains Dynamic Database Management System (Dynamic DBMS)

Value-based system architecture stores and manages three basic sets of objects: a data dictionary holding metadata, indexing and linking data sets, and actual data values made up of stored information. The independent logical file database and relational databases are value-based. A dynamic DBMS is the opposite of a static database management system, where relationships are information based.


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