Electronic Performance Support System

What Does Electronic Performance Support System Mean?

An electronic performance support system (EPSS) is a special kind of software program for the training of individuals. It helps the user of the program to complete a certain task in a guided manner. This system is widely used in many places due to its potential to increase the productivity of the trainees. These programs are very cost effective and simple to use, and are thus used by people all over the world for learning a specific computing skill. This skill may be anything, from computer programming to simply filing a tax return online.


Techopedia Explains Electronic Performance Support System

The use of EPSS can be considered the future of training systems. This system can easily replace an organization’s traditional training system because it is much less costly and much more intuitive and learner-friendly. This system allows a trainee to easily perform a given task in a short time, while learning a lot about the actual system in the process of working. Thus, this is an advantageous method for faster working and learning processes. It is especially useful in smaller firms, where the more experienced individuals have to spend a lot of time teaching new employees and supervising their work. This results in a lot of wasted productivity. Another case is that they may have to hire expensive trainers from outside the firm to train their new employees. However, EPSS negates all these
problems by providing a low-cost measure for better performance.


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