Braille Embosser

What Does Braille Embosser Mean?

A braille embosser is a device that can generate printed material using the braille writing system for blind or visually impaired users. They press dots down onto a piece of paper to let a person using the braille system read by using their fingers. They are a form of assistive technology.


A braille embosser is also known as a braille printer.

Techopedia Explains Braille Embosser

A braille embosser is a device that connects to a computer to produce printed material in the braille writing system. Braille embossers are a form of assistive technology because they print documents for blind or visually impaired users. The concept is similar to a laser or ink jet printer, but a braille embosser works by embedding raised dots onto a piece of paper rather than using ink or toner.

While braille embossers are obviously very useful to people with no or low vision, the downside is that they are more expensive than ordinary printers, ranging from $2,000 U.S. up to $77,000 for machines designed for professional use. That is why cheaper technologies such as screen readers are also popular.


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