Geographic Information Science (GISci)

Last Updated: May 28, 2019

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Definition - What does Geographic Information Science (GISci) mean?

Geographic information science (GISci) is the field that studies, researches, analyzes and processes geographical data and information. It is the science of understanding geographic data and using mathematical and computational tools and technologies to analyze and process that data into meaningful information.

Geographic information science is also known as GI science.

Techopedia explains Geographic Information Science (GISci)

Geographic information science primarily addresses scientific research and study as it relates to the context of geographical information systems (GIS). It applies and uses geographic, information science, geoinformatics and computer science theories and principles to study, research, process and present geographic or spatial data and information.

Besides technical aspects, geographic information science also studies and evaluates the psychological and societal influence of geographical information systems (GIS) on individuals and society.

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