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What Does Filtabyte Mean?

The Filtabyte was a network adapter card that was developed by LRT in the early 1990s. The card used direct memory access (DMA), a kind of bus mastering in limited form, which allowed for peripherals to write and read from memory without intervention from the processor. This freed up the processor to do other tasks.


Techopedia Explains Filtabyte

This Ethernet card was based on the AMD LANCE (Local Area Network Controller for Ethernet) AM7990 Ethernet Media Access Controller and has the same Serial Interface Adaptor chip as the driver. Filtabyte was capable of handling 10BASE-2 Type B, 10BASE-5 Type A and 10BASE-T. It used 24-bit address DMA or bus mastering and had 128 ring buffers and 48-byte transmission in FIFO configuration. The Ethernet address of a Filtabyte could be changed using software.


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