What Does GEANT Mean?

GEANT, the Gigabit European Academic Network, is a pan-European data and communication network for Europe’s education and research community. It is co-funded by education networks, European national research and European commission, and coordinated by the limited liability company DANTE. Across the European continent, the GEANT network provides research data communication, infrastructure and resources for telecommunication and information technology development.


Techopedia Explains GEANT

GEANT makes use of a high-capacity 50,000 km network and high bandwidth along with an expanding range of services. The connectivity spans 38 countries in Europe with links to other world regions and with data transfer speed of up to 10 GB per second. The end users are provided with both remote and secure access. With these key features, GEANT has played a big role in maintaining Europe’s leadership in research.

Unrivaled geographical coverage and high bandwidth are some of the biggest benefits of the GEANT network. The global interconnection with massive data processing capacity has helped many researchers and educational institutions. Many research and innovative scientific projects and studies have been greatly benefited by GEANT’s high speed research network. As it makes use of routed and switched technology, GEANT is making its way not only for the next generation, but also for high performance and cost-effective communication networks. GEANT has helped in improving the cost effectiveness of research. It has also helped in fundamentally transforming data sharing and data collaboration among researchers from different locations throughout Europe. Another advantage with GEANT is providing access to remote resources, which are at times expensive for a single nation to develop.

Thirty million-plus users from educational institutions and research institutions make use of GEANT. GEANT has largely helped in any spheres of study such as radio astronomy observations and medical research.


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