What Does Gedanken Mean?

The word “gedanken” in IT refers to ideas that are not well
thought out, projects that would be impractical, and idealistic expressions
that are not built on solid physics and research.


Techopedia Explains Gedanken

In the world of IT, “gedanken” is often used to describe
projects that are elegantly described, but not actually coded. In many cases,
critics feel that the programming ideas underneath the project just are not
possible. For example, someone could draw up schematics for a cyborg without
actually showing how the embedded technologies would allow for things like
vision, strength or other features.

That word “gedanken” is often used in
the context of “AI-complete” technologies or in reference to progress toward
artificial intelligence. This is in part because artificial intelligence is so
controversial, and the extent to which computers will be able to mimic human cognitive
ability is so often debated today.


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