DVI-To-VGA Adapter

What Does DVI-To-VGA Adapter Mean?

A DVI-to-VGA adapter is, as the name says, a device for
connecting a device that outputs DVI video to a display that only uses VGA
inputs. These adapters are widely available in both electronics stores on
online. They are used with devices such as projectors for presentations and


Techopedia Explains DVI-To-VGA Adapter

DVI is a standard that outputs a digital signal for use with computer monitors and projectors. When DVI first debuted, there were still many devices that only accepted the older analog VGA devices. Immediately several adapters that can convert DVI-to-VGA signals appeared on the market. These are especially useful with projectors and TVs that have VGA inputs. With these devices, a user can plug in a laptop to show a presentation with a computer that only has a DVI output.

With HDMI becoming the standard for digital video signals, DVI-to-VGA adapters are sure to become less widely used in the coming years.


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