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What Does Integration Definition Mean?

Integration Definition (IDEF) is a group of modeling languages used to implement systems and engineer software. These languages are used in data functional modeling, simulation, object-oriented analysis, and knowledge acquisition.


The U.S. Air Force (USAF) has assumed the responsibility of funding IDEF since the project launch. IDEF is still used by USAF departments and other military institutions. IDEF is also available in the public domain.

Techopedia Explains Integration Definition

IDEF is maintained by Knowledge Based Systems, Inc. and is compatible with manufacturing platforms built during its first launch. Additional software industry applications utilize IDEF on a daily basis.

IDEF includes 16 different methods (IDEF1X, IDEF1, IDEF3, etc.). During the modeling process, each method captures a certain data type. In addition to IDEF’s role in model analysis and creation of a system version, IDEF is useful in translating a system into a graphical form. To simplify model transitions, gap analysis is applied in collaboration with IDEF.

One of the most common IDEF process applications is the application of IDEF0 to the function modeling of any enterprise. This is applied to graphically model its functions’ controls and operators with different resources used within those control processes, their procedures, and various mutual function interactions.


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