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Instructional Technology

What Does Instructional Technology Mean?

Instructional technology is a specific technology field that deals with creating resources for learning.


The nature of instructional technology is traced back to academics like B.B. Seels and R.C. Ritchie, who defined it as "the theory and practice of design, development, utilization, management and evaluation of processes and resources for learning."

From this definition, it is clear that instructional technology does involve things like Web-based training and other learning resources. It is more of a comprehensive term for all of those designs that accommodate successful learning technologies.

Techopedia Explains Instructional Technology

Instructional technology is not the same as information technology, although both are commonly abbreviated as IT. Whereas information technology is a broad-based, overarching category of technology very familiar to the business community, instructional technology is a bit more obscure. Experts also point out that instructional technology is not synonymous with digital training. Instead, it is a body of theory about a field of technology that has various characteristics including applied intellectual techniques, established disciplines and academic value.


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