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Intel 8008

What Does Intel 8008 Mean?

Intel 8008 is one of the very first 8 bit microprocessor released in 1972. It was a successor to Intel 4004 and had an overall better speed, process instructions more quicker, 8 bit architecture and improved instruction set architecture.


Techopedia Explains Intel 8008

Intel 8008 was designed using PMOS technology and had a 18 pin design. It had a 14 bit external address bus and can support 16 KB of memory. The initial model had a clockspeed of 0.5 MHz which was later extended to 0.8 MHz in another model. The Intel 8008 has 3500 transistors that enabled it to process 30,000 to 160,000 instructions per second. The Inte 8008 has also the ability to handle interrupts and it was built using 7 levels of CPU stack design.


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