JK Flip-Flop

What Does JK Flip-Flop Mean?

JK flip-flop is a term for some of the particular physics involved in the circuit building which goes into all sorts of electronics. These types of engineering terms apply to laptop or desktop computer motherboards, mobile device circuitry, or any other type of electronics design.


Techopedia Explains JK Flip-Flop

The general term “flip-flop” refers to certain types of gates or structures in a circuit logic design that holds binary values. Engineers may use the term flip-flop to talk about the binary possibilities or outputs of these logical systems.

Specifically, a JK flip-flop is a type of logical setup that can be compared with other kinds of flip-flops, such as a D flip-flop or an SR flip-flop. Many of these types of arrangements have to do with clocking, and in some cases, values are set by a CPU clock.

In a JK flip-flop, engineers may talk about J as associated with a “set” and K as associated with a “reset” value. In a JK flip-flop, there is also a “toggle” design that serves to change one value to another, meaning that one binary value is changed to the other, and vice versa.

Available truth tables or analysis charts for JK flip-flops go into the detail of possible values and outputs for this type of logical arrangement.


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