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Online Editing

What Does Online Editing Mean?

Online editing is the processing of video or graphic editing which is done as the final step of video making. This step is the opposite of offline editing, where a video is processed in its earliest and most raw state. In small productions, online-offline workflow is replaced with video editing software working on a non-linear editing system (NLE), whereas sophisticated post-productions that utilize high-grade equipment still make use of offline-online workflow.


Techopedia Explains Online Editing

Online editing is the final cut of an edited video. The difference in video editing techniques was distinguished in the days of analog video processing. This was because physical tape would wear out from constant running and rolling back and forth; pushing the editors to divide the task in high- and low-profile processes. With the introduction of digital media, this difference begin to diminish because the video quality is unaffected by constant playing, and software is powerful enough to handle offline and online editing processes. However, very high quality master tapes for exclusive productions still use online editing on their videos.


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