What Does Macintrash Mean?

The term “Macintrash” is a slang term used to disparage the Macintosh computer. It is used to express a general dislike of the various aspects of the Macintosh computer, including its internal hardware, operating system structure, overall design or interface.


Techopedia Explains Macintrash

The term Macintrash is used to denigrate the Macintosh computer or to show preference for its competing product, the IBM-compatible desktop or laptop computer. The Apple and IBM/Microsoft systems are two competing monolithic systems that dominate market share in their categories. Inevitably, users tend to compare the aspects of Apple and non-Apple products including pricing, performance, interface and design.

It is important to note that the term Macintrash may also be used for other reasons. For example, for a hacker or a black-hat individual, the term Macintrash is applied to the Macintosh computer because it is more difficult to hack compared to a regular PC. For those who claim to be technologically sophisticated, the term is applied to the operating system of the Macintosh because it is excessively user-friendly, excessively simple or “not real programming,” and also to show preference for Microsoft Windows.


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