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What Does Mathcad Mean?

PTC Mathcad is a software set that is specially made for presenting equations and mathematical models. It is helpful in many industries to show a range of data related to work processes, development and research.


Techopedia Explains Mathcad

Some of the features of Mathcad include the ability to render graphs and charts in two dimensions. The software also allows for laying out algebraic equations with variables, and describing their use. For example, a user can take to variables like “time” and “speed” and draft them on a plotted set of axes, while displaying equation work above. Proponents of the software promote it as a much more sophisticated alternative to trying to use a spreadsheet or other basic software to present mathematical work. Mathcad is seen as a useful tool for engineers and others to document their intellectual property and archive it in ways that support easy retrieval. Mathcad also integrates with other software types like CAD and CAE.


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