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What Does Monoid Mean?

In computer science, a monoid is a specific data set defined, as by the etymology of the word, as a single unit. The monoid is a unit within the greater structure of a “semi-group” – in mathematics, it is an algebraic entity broken down into an individual category from the semi-group, which is defined as a set with an associative binary operation.


Techopedia Explains Monoid

Computer programmers may use monoid objects in the pursuit of various mathematical and computing goals. Some experts show how the monoid corresponds to a “notion of computation” or a specific function associated with a specific result. In general, the monoid is part of highly esoteric mathematical jargon that programmers might use in complicated syntax to achieve very mathematically based computing outcomes – academic papers describe such things as “actions on a monoid,” using a range of algebraic indicators and equations to show how experts and professionals can use this particular programming concept for various purposes.


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