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Multilayer Perceptron

What Does Multilayer Perceptron Mean?

A multilayer perceptron (MLP) is a feedforward artificial neural network that generates a set of outputs from a set of inputs. An MLP is characterized by several layers of input nodes connected as a directed graph between the input and output layers. MLP uses backpropogation for training the network. MLP is a deep learning method.


Techopedia Explains Multilayer Perceptron

A multilayer perceptron is a neural network connecting multiple layers in a directed graph, which means that the signal path through the nodes only goes one way. Each node, apart from the input nodes, has a nonlinear activation function. An MLP uses backpropagation as a supervised learning technique. Since there are multiple layers of neurons, MLP is a deep learning technique.

MLP is widely used for solving problems that require supervised learning as well as research into computational neuroscience and parallel distributed processing. Applications include speech recognition, image recognition and machine translation.


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