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Chief Green Officer

What Does Chief Green Officer Mean?

A chief green officer (CGO) is a job role that involves executing and overseeing a company’s green initiatives and programs while ensuring compliance with government rules and regulations. These initiatives are implemented to minimize the company’s carbon footprint and reduce environmental impact through e-cycling and e-waste segregation, LEED compliance, energy-efficient production and product recycling. The CGO must have the knowledge and be involved in the company’s different work operations in order to properly perform his or her responsibilities.


A chief green officer may also be called a chief environmental commitment officer (CECO).

Techopedia Explains Chief Green Officer

The chief green officer needs to understand the relationship between corporate operations and environmental sustainability in order to develop programs that not only benefit the environment but also save the company money. The CGO will also be tasked with strategic partnerships, corporate communications, product development and environmental stewardship. To turn these responsibilities into realities, the CGO needs to establish a good working relationship with each of the department heads and then establish a program management team wherein the appointed members can help guide the programs that are developed.


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