Nomad Software

What Does Nomad Software Mean?

Nomad Software is a relational database language that helps make it easier to make queries and otherwise utilize database information. It features a wide range of tools and options that enable users to efficiently operate databases.


Techopedia Explains Nomad Software

Nomad Software was developed in the 1970s by National CSS, Inc., which was bought by Dun & Bradstreet in 1979. It emerged as one of several fourth-generation languages (4GL) that helped to innovate database use.

An important aspect of Nomad Software is that it is built for end users in particular industries such as finance and health care. With lookup tables and other helpful features, the syntax of Nomad Software is widely recognized to be efficient for some types of information handling of relational databases. As other database technologies compete with traditional relational database design, Nomad Software is still in use in many enterprise IT systems as a method for manipulating database information.


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