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Green Personal Computer (Green PC)

Last updated: October 14, 2012

What Does Green Personal Computer (Green PC) Mean?

A green personal computer (green PC) is a computer designed to save energy. A green PC is built from environmental friendly materials and features low power consumption and computer power management (CPM) capabilities. Green PCs usually generate less heat than their predecessors.

A green PC is also known as a green computer.


Techopedia Explains Green Personal Computer (Green PC)

Deployment of efficient computing systems and green PCs has become a major focus of many organizations. Companies and businesses are keen to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint. This has resulted in increased public awareness and ongoing efforts to reduce energy use. As such, companies are increasingly embracing green PCs as a smart approach to saving money by reducing energy costs.

Green PCs support sleep modes in which the PC powers down all unnecessary components when it is inactive. Adopting green PCs is especially beneficial for data centers and IT businesses, which stand to save a lot of money on energy costs because they deploy PCs on such a large scale.



Green Computer

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