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Operational Testing

What Does Operational Testing Mean?

Operational testing refers to the evaluation of a software application prior to the production phase. Operational testing ensures system and component compliance in the application’s standard operating environment (SOE).


Operational testing is applied in a specified environment during various software development life cycle (SDLC) phases for the evaluation of software syetem functionality.

Techopedia Explains Operational Testing

Over time, software system requirements change. Introducing change to a highly complex software system often results in problematic system functionality verification.

Operational testing focuses on system implementation behavior and is preferred over verification for the following reasons:

  • Operational testing facilitates the consideration of environmental factors that influence system behavior.
  • Operational testing allows feature interaction.

A key operational testing feature is error detection, which ensures correct functional implementation.

Test cases are derived from a system specified test generation algorithm (TGA).


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