Spot Cooling

What Does Spot Cooling Mean?

Spot cooling refers to portable air-conditioning that is used in overheated areas in a large space such as in a major data center. Spot coolers can be placed in the areas that require consistent temperatures. They are generally used to maintain certain temperature in an enclosed room with large number of servers and IT equipment that generates a lot of heat.


The ever increasing use of computers and telecom equipment for various business functions has resulted in large number of data centers for housing these machines. Spot coolers provide a convenient and cost-effective way to cool large data centers and can be used in leased office spaces, where the installation of other types of cooling systems may be prohibited.

Techopedia Explains Spot Cooling

Spot coolers are self-contained units that consist of a compressor, condenser coil and evaporator coil in a single unit. Inside the unit, cold refrigerant passes through the copper pipe from the compressor coil into the evaporator coil. A fan blows over the evaporator coil, venting the cool air out. A second fan pushes hot exhaust air out through flexible ducting. Any excess moisture removed from the air is collected in a small condensation tank and discharged either manually or automatically.

In leased data centers and offices, providing air conditioning often presents new challenges. The lease agreement may not allow for the installation of a split precision-cooling or mini-split system as these require an opening in the roof or an outer wall through which copper connecting wires can be drawn. Moreover, the pipes need sweating and brazing to join them together and a refrigerant to charge the unit, further adding to the installation costs. Cooling systems that do not require external piping are far more expensive, resulting in other installation work that also may not be allowed in leased office premises. As a result of these difficulties, companies often choose to adopt portable spot air conditioners to address cooling problems. Spot coolers serve as an excellent alternative to precision cooling and mini-split systems.


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