The Green Grid

What Does The Green Grid Mean?

The Green Grid is a nonprofit, open industry consortium consisting of end users, policymakers, technology providers, facility architects and utility companies. It is a joint collaboration that aims to improve the energy efficiency of data centers and business computing systems.


Techopedia Explains The Green Grid

The Green Grid attempts to connect global industry efforts, develop a standard set of metrics and prepare technical resources and educational tools to achieve its goal.

Data centers have changed substantially with the evolution of IT. The number of data centers has increased drastically in response to increasing business demands, resulting in a large number of these high-energy centers. As of 2011, IT equipment was estimated to account for 2% of the world’s carbon emissions. As a result, data center managers are keen on developing strategies to make data centers as resource efficient as possible. The Green Grid aims to become a global leader in making resource-efficient data centers and business computing systems.

The Green Grid has developed a data center maturity model that includes levels 0-5, where Level 2 indicates the current best practices in data center efficiency, while Levels 3 -5 are designed to provide guidance to companies that are about to build new data centers. The Green Grid provides a common road map for all the data enter managers, designers and vendors. The model can be seen as a tool to provide high-level descriptions of technologies and plans for data center owners and operators to improve energy efficiency.


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