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Last updated: March 5, 2015

What Does Pandora Mean?

Pandora is a prominent streaming music service that offers users the ability to listen to randomized streamed music, in particular algorithm-driven genres, which group artists together by things like melody, rhythm and lyrical intent. Pandora is available through the Internet and as a mobile application. As of 2015, it has more than 81 million users streaming 1.7 billion hours of music each month.


Techopedia Explains Pandora

Pandora Media was created in 2004 and went through an initial public offering in 2011. It is considered a dominant force in Internet radio.

Pandora's model offers a choice between a free and a paid service. With the free service, Pandora injects ads into the streaming content at random intervals, which may or may not be skippable by the user. Users are also limited to a certain number of song skips in any given time frame. A paid model does away with some of these limitations, offering a more personal listening experience.


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