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Last updated: August 18, 2011

What Does Graffiti Mean?

Graffiti is a handwriting recognition program for the Palm OS which can recognize a special set of characters created by characters written on a display screen with a stylus - a writing instrument for use on a specially designed display screen.


Techopedia Explains Graffiti

The Graffiti program was available on a number of hand-held devices tha had stylus interfaces based on GEOS, such as Hewlett-Packard's OmniGo and the Apple Newton. In 2010 the program was ported to the Android platform by ACCESS Co. of Japan.

All characters in the Graffiti program must consist of a continuous stroke with the stylus. The stylus
cannot be lifted off the screen until the writer is done composing a given character. This causes certain letters to be formed differently on screen than if they were written on paper. Letters like A, F and T take practice, but most people can master it in a few hours.


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