P-Code Machine

What Does P-Code Machine Mean?

A P-code machine is a type of computer that executes P-code or the assembly language of a CPU. IT professionals may refer to P-code as portable code or pseudocode.


P-code machines have utility in various hardware setups.

Techopedia Explains P-Code Machine

Using a variety of registers, the P-code machine handles a stack to execute the machine code according to inputs; for example, calling functions and procedures accordingly. A P-code machine can be easier to write for than a different model, however, the execution speed can be a bottleneck.

Pico may also be easier to reverse engineer than traditional code. In some ways, the idea of P-code is similar to the concept of a RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) – by trimming down the footprint of the machine, certain efficiencies arise.

At the same time, key limitations apply.


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