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What Does Push Media Mean?

Push media refers to a media distribution model wherein pieces of content are delivered to the users with little interaction from them. This model is the opposite of another media distribution model, pull media, wherein the users seek out items on their own.


Marketing via direct mail, for example, and use of brochures and catalogs are the best illustrations of the push media model. Moreover, the advancement in Internet and mobile technology has created a new world of opportunities for this model.

The push media model is also known as push marketing.

Techopedia Explains Push Media

Push media delivers content to end users whether they have asked for it or not. Push media marketing is considered the mother of modern marketing.

The push marketing technique is mainly employed by start-ups or organizations that launch new products in the market. Organizations make use of this strategy to make the product familiar with customers. Since the organizations mainly aim at increasing the brand awareness of a newly introduced product, this strategy is specifically suited for those products that the customers are not yet familiar with.

The latest digital tools and the advancement in Internet technology have created significant possibilities to employ the push media model. Pop-up advertisements aimed at customers as per their search behavior, ad banners as well as links redirecting to commercial sites on Internet pages that the users visit are some instances of the push media model employed by online marketers.

In addition, the mobile phone is a unique tool that promotes the push media model effectively. This type of marketing is growing rapidly in the online world. Vendors send mobile phone notifications in the form of coupons and special alerts. Marketers who use the push model for mobile marketing determine the people to target, design advertisements that attract their attention and employ powerful means of presenting those ads.


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