Blank-Off Plate

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What Does Blank-Off Plate Mean?

A blank-off plate is a small, metal plate usually found on the back of computer cases. It provides a cover for the openings for expansion slots used for devices such as external cards, video cards, sound cards and network drivers. Although the most frequent application of blank-off plates are in computer systems, they can be also used in other capacities. In fact, blank-off plates can be useful for any machine that accommodates external components.

Blank-off plates are also known as face plates or filler plates.


Techopedia Explains Blank-Off Plate

Blank-off plates close off spaces that would otherwise be open, and prevent contaminants from getting into a machine and potentially damaging internal components.

Some of the industries where blank-off plates are most frequently used are computer hardware, engineering, construction and manufacturing. In addition to use over openings for expansion ports, blank-off plates commonly provide covers for openings unoccupied by devices such as disk drives, USB ports or hard drives on computer systems; blank-off plates such as these are usually made of acrylic.

Blank-off plates are made in different configurations and dimensions depending on the device or machine on which they are to be used. There can be different procedures for removing blank-off plates from different systems. In certain systems, they are removed by removing a screw, while others may require pushing a button or simply punching the blank-off plate out of position.



Face Plate, Filler Plate, Blanking Plate, Blank Plate

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