Bunny Suit

What Does Bunny Suit Mean?

A bunny suit is a slang term for a protective suit that prevents human skin, hair or other materials from entering an indoor atmosphere.


Bunny suits or other kinds of "clean suits" are often worn in a variety of industrial or commercial situations where either the human body or the surrounding atmosphere needs to be protected.

Techopedia Explains Bunny Suit

A bunny suit may be part of nanotechnology research project guidelines, or standard protocol for entering a major data storage facility. Some of the IT-related bunny suit gear can be made with anti-static features to prevent the buildup of static electricity, which can be damaging to some types of hardware. In general, these suits will cut down on the amount of small debris entering the room or space.

The specific context for protective protocol will vary depending on the type of project. IT managers may need to consider writing specific rules about wearing a bunny suit or protective suit as well as other gear, in order to provide consistent protocol for a technology project.


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