Recursive Descent Parser

What Does Recursive Descent Parser Mean?

A recursive descent parser is a type of parsing tool that works on a recursive basis, in other words, on the basis of using one instance of a command or event to generate another. Recursive descent parsers can be used to parse different types of code, such as XML, or other inputs. They are a specific type of parsing technology that can involve nested or built-in subsequent operations.


Techopedia Explains Recursive Descent Parser

A parser is a type of tool that takes in code and separates it into pieces. Using a recursive descent parser on a certain code input should give more transparency regarding the structure and makeup of the code input. Typically, recursive descent parsers and other parsing tools turn out some form of output, such as a tree, that reveals code structure. In terms of its makeup, this type of algorithmic parsing tool may use various classes to achieve the goals of showing a parsed output.


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